Happy Customers

For people living in small village securing a government job is a massive achievement as it ensure them job security. But this was certainly not the case with VirendraGiri who despite being a government employee struggled heavily to get loan for constructing his own house. Virendra who lived with his wife, children and parents in a house, too small to accommodate them all, was left in the dark as small income and no savings could not fetch any financial help until SRGHFL brought into the light for him. Virendra is now living happily with his family in his own big house and certainly the shine in his eyes tells a story of a secure future in true sense. “I am thankful to SRGHFL which has the potential to see the silver lining in the dark cloud”.

- Virendra Giri Goswami, Salumber
  Government Employee

Even On the verge of 60’s Ganga ram could not manage to see any sight of happiness in his life as the unsafe living in a small kutcha house was a rising concern before him to be answered with low level of savings and the only son living outside in search of job. Certainly for him, after being ignored for no serious reasons, all the mass campaigns driven with sense of nationalism for “PUCCA HOUSE” were of no use as he could see the difference with open eyes. Ganga Ram, who now has his own Pucca house to play with his grandchildren for rest of his life has reinstated his faith through SRGHFL on the esteem vision of leader of our country for “Housing for all by 2022” “I believe, if you really want to bring change the change at grass root level then you should not    just stick it to campaigning and banners on the hoardings. If you want to measure the depth of water you have to step in first, just the way SRGHFL has done.”

- Ganga Ram Patel,

The one in need, is often denied and the one who is not, is offered upfront. This paradox fitted the best in case of KalualBhoi who got neglected everywhere while the securing house extension loan. Kalulal who sells vegetables, looking for the daily basic needs of others, has to see down, as loans to vegetable vendors have still been suspected as profitable business by many but not certainly by SRGHFL. Kalulal who nowis living in a bigger house with his wife along with the family of three sons has now a story to tell by looking up with pride and confidence. “I feel people like us who grows and provide food to other sections of society, shall also be looked upon with dignity, just the way SRGHFL did.

- KalulalBhoi, Salumber
 Fruits & Vegetable vendor