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Service and Charges

Sr. No. Charge Type Charge Description
1 Login Fee (Non refundable) Rs.1600/- (Inclusive of applicable taxes)
2 Processing Charges Upto 3% + applicable taxes (on the sanctioned value) to be collected before disbursement or deducted from first disbursement.
3 Non Postal Stamp / Stamp Duty As per applicable law of the state
4 Non-encumbrance Certificate / Search Report (per report) Rs.2000/- + applicable taxes
Rs.4000/- + applicable taxes ( in Maharashtra State)
5 Technical Fee /Valuation Fees (per report) Rs.2000/- + applicable taxes
6 CERSAI: At the time of Disbursement : Creation of Charge (per property) Upto Rs. 100/-+ applicable taxes
7 Credit Report Charges 500/-+ applicable taxes
8 Property Inspection charges Rs.500/-+ applicable taxes
9 CERSAI: At the time of Modification of Charge (per property) As per the charges levied by CERSAI+ applicable taxes
10 Prepayment Charges A) Part- Prepayment/ Foreclosure of Loan on Fixed Rate of Interest:
Ø No Prepayment Charges, If The Housing Loan Is Foreclosed Through Own Source.

B) However if the payment is made by borrowing from a Bank/ HFC/ NBFC and/ or a Financial Institution:

5% + applicable taxes as Pre-Closure Charges would be levied on principle o/s & all part prepayments done in case loan is closed within 12 months of the first disbursement. (In case of Loan Closure /part payment)

3% + applicable taxes as pre-closure charges would be levied on principle o/s & all part prepayments done in last 12 months in case loan is closed after 12 months of the first disbursement. (In case of Loan Closure /part payment)

11 Cheque/ECS Bounce Charges/ Late payment charges (Per Instrument/Transaction) INR 500/- + applicable taxes per instrument is payable in case of a dishonoured cheque or ECS.
12 Late Payment Interest/ penal Interest Interest and/ or Principal installment /and Charges Debited /due are defaulted / delayed ,Penal interest @3% p.m., for defaulted/delayed period on the interest/installments / Charges due/ Debited (calculated from due date till date of payment on monthly rest) will become payable
13 LOD (List of document) charges Rs.550/- + applicable taxes
14 Duplicate No Dues Certificate Rs.500/- + applicable taxes
15 Copy of Property Papers Rs.550/- + applicable taxes
16 Duplicate Annual Account Statement, Provisional Certificate Rs.500/- + applicable taxes
17 Loan prepayment/closure (fully)statement Rs.500/- + applicable taxes
18 File Cancellation Charges Minimum Rs. 5500/- + Actual Expenses incurred+applicable taxes
19 Each Personal Visit to customer’s place for collection of dues Rs.500/- per visit plus applicable taxes
20 SARFAESI 13(2) 5000 + applicable taxes
21 SARFAESI 13(4) 5500 + applicable taxes
22 DM Notice 15000 + applicable taxes
23 138 NOTICE 1100 + applicable taxes
24 BORROWER NORMAL NOTICE 500 + applicable taxes
25 BORROWER WARNING NOTICE 1000 + applicable taxes
26 CO-BORROWER NORMAL NOTICE 500 + applicable taxes
27 CO-BORROWER WARNING NOTICE 1000 + applicable taxes
28 GUARNTOR NORMAL NOTICE 500 + applicable taxes
29 GUARNTOR WARNING NOTICE 1000+ applicable taxes
30 LOK ADALAT Actual Fees
32 REPLY NOTICE (LEGAL) 2500 + applicable taxes
33 Other Legal Charges as per Actual + applicable taxes
34 Recovery Charges As actual+ applicable taxes
35 Custodial fee for Keeping property document in closed account Rs. 500 per month (post 60 days from loan closure date) + applicable taxes
36 Insurance of Property & Borrower Arranged by borrower at his own cost/Deducted from disbursed amount on actual basis
*Last Updated on 04th August, 2022